The Society Of The Peasants

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When we think of marriage in America, we picture a happy bride in a white dress who is marrying the man of her dreams and dance away into their happily ever after. However, many individuals don’t get to marry their prince charming or their “Ms. Perfect”. Although it is not a well known issue in the United States, forced and arranged marriages do occur in the United States more than people think. From a social, global, and ethical standpoint, the United States should interfere in the cultural marriage practices of individuals when the bride or groom is unwilling to get married. In “Chapter XVI: The Life of the Peasants”, it mentions “Every girl looks forward to her marriage as the climax of life”. This was said of medieval times, but it is still the same today. Many girls dream of marrying prince charming, but some are forced to marry a complete stranger. Also, many traditional families cherish the idea of their children marrying someone of their social class or higher to bring honor to their family. However, sometimes the idea is forced into the heads of young girls, which often leads to women sacrificing education and the freedom of marrying someone they love to bring honor to their family. Forced marriage is mostly seen as a global issue since the practice is more common in parts of South Asia and Latin America. In particular, India has the most problems with the issue. “Love Marriages”; in which individuals choose to get married out of love; tend to not be the norm
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