The Society Of The United States

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Some social behaviors are so ingrained in people’s day to day lives that they would never notice them unless they were pointed out. One such behavior that is so often overlooked is the preferential treatment that certain groups receive over others. The privileges of the dominate social groups over the subordinate ones go so unnoticed at times that they are even seen as just innately how things should be. In the contemporary society of the United States, the group with these privileges is often White males, and the majority of them would disagree about that statement. Surprisingly, the group that gets the most treatment feels the most abused. This only highlights the obliviousness accompanying those to which this invisible power belongs. However, each person, at one point, has been advantaged over another without realizing it.
I have experienced many freedoms throughout my life that others around me have not. For instance, as a young, White female, I can walk up to almost any stranger of any age without them being suspicious or afraid of me. A Black man isn’t able to say that. This difference has nothing to do with who I am as a person, but rather how society perceives I will behave based on how I look. I have walked through department stores with a bag and my hands in my pockets, and I have never been searched or suspected of stealing once. No one has ever crossed to the other side of the street because I was in their path, or locked their doors as I walked past their car.
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