The Society We Currently Live In Is Infused With Aspects

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The society we currently live in is infused with aspects that people are concerned about and would like changed. These aspects are also known as social problems. Examples of social problems are educational inequality, welfare stigma, black on black crime and last but not least, domestic abuse/ Intimate partner abuse. Though there are many important social problems that influence society, I will focus on the aspect of domestic abuse and intimate partner abuse. Domestic abuse is defined as the act of one individual controlling their spouse or intimate partner using fear, intimidation, or violence (Tina de Benedicts, Jaelline Jaffe, Jeanne Segal). Most people automatically think of sexual and physical abuse when they think of domestic…show more content…
Though there have been multiple cases where extreme violence could have been avoided, there has been a considerable improvement of protection for women who retaliate after suffering from abuse for years. In the past domestic abuse was not recognized and many women were sentenced to long prison stints after defending themselves from their abuser, but there has been some leniency for women who experience it today. Domestic abuse also has a negative economic impact on individuals. Instances, of financial abuse are, withholding economic resources, preventing the spouse from working, or exploiting the spouse’s resources for personal gain. Per the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, victims of intimate partner violence lose a total of 8.0 million days of paid work each year(NCADV). As mentioned before, spiritual abuse is also a type of abuse used to intimate and instill fear in another individual. This type of abuse includes using the spouse’s religious beliefs to manipulate them. Domestic and intimate partner abuse may not be a popular social problem to discuss in society, but it is a problem that needs to be brought to all of society’s attention to decrease the rate at which it is occurring, and to encourage those who have, or are experiencing domestic abuse to speak up and speak out. Domestic violence may not be a popular discussion in society, nevertheless, it still has the ability to influence some aspects in
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