The Socio Cultural Measurements Of Environment

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The socio-cultural measurements of environment cover traditions, ways of life, and qualities that characters the public in which the firm works or to say macro environment. Demography is one of numerous variables that plays significant role to impact capacity of organization to run business to function within society along maintaining socio-cultural factor. Demography is the investigation of human populaces in terms of size, density, location, age, gender, race, occupation and different measurements. Changes in the world demographic environment have major implication for business. The total population rate is developing at an unstable rate that will soon surpass nourishment supply and capacity to enough administration. Variation in demographics has numerous potential outcomes for business in sugar industry. As population changes, the interest for items and administrations likewise changes. For instance, decrease in populace comes about decrement of demand and utilization of item and henceforth ultimately decreases the business.
From above chart and bar graph, we can observe the simultaneous relationship between population and sugar production. The more population increased, the more production of sugarcane level is also high and vice versa. Also, it is further affected by the sub components of demographic factors which is shown in following chart.
Age, Gender, education, Health and Ethnicity, these all factors cover equal concern for demand and consumption of material and
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