The Socio-Economic Effects of Spring Grove Dam in the Midlands Area

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The socio-economic effects of Spring Grove Dam in the Midlands area [Source:] Table of Contents Page Introduction: Aims and Objectives 3 Location Aim Hypothesis Factors of Investigation Review of Literature 5 Data/Information Gathering and Presentation of Findings 7 Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion of Findings Conclusion and Evaluation Referencing INTRODUCTION Location and information about Spring Grove Dam: Spring Grove Dam is situated in the Mooi River/Nottingham Road area in the Midlands about 2km south west of the Rosetta Village and is built to be used as a transfer scheme to transfer water between the Mooi and the Mgeni areas, as shown in Photograph…show more content…
Stakeholders: farmers and residents living around and downstream of Spring Grove Dam. Effects: how this dam will affect the water availability to residents and farmers in the area. The effects will address the quantity and quality of the water. How it effects/impacts them: It effects them in the way that many have lost their homes, or they have a lower water supply. They have also been effected by a change in weather conditions in the area which could affect crops or cattle, this has been caused by a large water mass having been built in the area that was not there before. Farmers downstream may find it difficult to pump water as their water supply may be affected. As the Midlands has a growing population, a decrease or change in the flow patterns of the Mooi River and a decrease of water to those that live downstream is not ideal for the population of the area. Economic Impact: how the building of the dam has affected the area/people of the Midlands in an economic manner such as jobs or income as well as the development in labour skills. Social Impact: how the building of Spring Grove Dam has affected the Midlands in any social form, for example an increase of visitors or if the dam is privately owned. REVIEW OF LITERATURE: Several articles were read and analysed. All were in relation towards my topic. Some aspects of the reviews supported my topic, other aspects contradicted. The literature was read and used to
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