The Socio-Economic Effects of Spring Grove Dam in the Midlands Area

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The socio-economic effects of Spring Grove Dam in the Midlands area


Table of Contents

Introduction: Aims and Objectives 3
Factors of Investigation
Review of Literature 5
Data/Information Gathering and Presentation of Findings 7
Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion of Findings
Conclusion and Evaluation

Location and information about Spring Grove Dam:
Spring Grove Dam is situated in the Mooi River/Nottingham Road area in the Midlands about 2km south west of the Rosetta Village and is built to be used as a transfer scheme to transfer water between the Mooi and the Mgeni areas, as shown in Photograph 1. The function of the dam is to supply the demand of water from the Pietermaritzburg and Durban areas. Spring Grove Dam has been built as an extension to the other dams (Midmar, Umgeni River, Nagle Dam and Albert Falls) that have been built to supply the average 5 million people in the Pietermaritzburg and Durban areas with clean water. The aim of this dam is to pump water from the dam into other catchment areas and from there the water will be used for final use. The Mooi River area is the cheapest area to build another dam, hence the reason for the dam being situated here. Spring Grove Dam is said to hold 139,5 million m³ as the gross storage volume. The embankment type is ‘earthfill’ and a height of 11,5m. The dam height is 37m with a…