The Sociological Definition Of Race And Ethnicity

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Life Within My Race
Sadari Comer
Understanding Culture
December 9, 2014

According to the sociological definition of race and ethnicity, there is a close interrelation between race and ethnicity. Race has not been defined by the biological difference that it is stood on the social construct. Race does not discriminate the skin color from others which is related to the ethnicity. Race is defined on the social construct which based on physical and cultural features. Ethnicity is a general category for describing collective identities’. Ethnicity is based on the cultural and historical background that it means the people in this ethnic group is sharing the same language, religion and same experience of life. Ethnicity is the ethnic characteristic for the specific race. Ethnicities represent the role for separating the different race. In terms of race, people might have the racism to the different culture of others which might base on the historical colonization, the control of the western culture and so on (Fulcher & Scott, 2007). Anthropologist argue that race is social construct, not biological reality meaning because they believe racial beliefs constitute myths about diversity in the human species and about the abilities and behaviors of people homogenized into “racial” categories. Myths fused behavior and physical features together in the public mind, impeding our comprehension of both biological variations and cultural behavior. implying that both are
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