The Sociological Eye There Are Many Types Of Families

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Through the sociological eye there are many different types of families. There is no formal definition of what a family is, but there are several different views that can give you an idea of what it may look like. Stereotypical families have become a commonality across American’s society. According to Lamanna, M., Riedmann, A., and Stewart, S. (2015) a stereotypical family, is a representation of several different types of families that are present in today’s society. What sets these families apart from each other is their structural composition such as kids/no kids, one parent, two parent, or even no parent or multigenerational families. Along with their structural composition they also differ between demographic features such as,…show more content…
These types of families are all considered a family but, they do not share the same beliefs. In today’s society there are many varieties of families but none of these force the specificity of what to do as a family, or how to act like one. While growing up I was taught that not every family is the same but, I still had to be accepting.
As time progressed throughout my childhood, I started to speculate what I could expect a family to be. My family consists of two opposite-sex parents and three children. Throughout my childhood, my family has never had a lot of money. In return, I had to grow up in poverty due to my parent’s lack of college education. Alleyne provides from the US Census bureau that the average annual income continues to be strongly affected by the educational status. Pg 6” Even though my parents have no college education, I have always had to live up to my parent’s expectations of attending college. Alleyne says, “both parental educational background and family income have a strong effect on students’ expectations in such a way that the higher parental education and higher the family income, the ore likely the students are to expect to earn a professional degree.” Pg 16. Similarly, I have always have been expected to obtain a professional degree although I’ve lived in low income. Personally, I have been shaped to believe that families vary significantly and consist of many different demographic features in which are
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