The Sociological Framework Of The Social System

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The sociological framework consists of several parts. Each piece of the framework interacts with and shapes all the other pieces. The components of the framework include: the social system, culture, social structure, socialization, individuals, and interaction. The social system is comprised of social groups that cohere together to make some kind of whole, in this case gender. The social system is directly shaped by culture, social structure and interaction. Culture is a set of knowledge, beliefs, values, and rules about behavior that are held commonly within a system. This can include language, rituals and practices. Culture also includes norms and roles. Norms are the shared expectations for behavior that predominate in a society. Roles are norms that are attached to specific social positions. Social structure is the organization of a social system in terms of positions and relationships among those positions, as well as the distribution of resources and responsibilities in a social system. Socialization is the process by which a systems culture and social structure are taught and learned. It is also the process through which social systems shape individuals. Individuals are the people within the social system. Individuals shape the social system through interaction. Interaction is the basic idea that following the social system recreates the system as it is, while deviating from the system causes chaos and provides the potential to change the system. There are four
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