The Sociological Imagination And My Personal Values

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It is our experiences and cultural values we grew up with that give us certain values and beliefs others may or may not have. Though many of us may feel that we are unique and have a different mindset from most other people, what we may not see is the unavoidable and unconscious values that society pushes onto us often without our knowledge. Sociological imagination allows us to put ourselves in reality to understand ourselves and others using links between personal experience and social structure. Exploring the factors of socialization helps us to unpack and observe the ways in which the structural conditions affect our life. In this analysis, I will use the sociological imagination as a tool to examine and link my personal values to public issues. As a 15 year old girl with countless diverse hobbies, having both Irish and Chinese heritage doesn’t truly affect me: I don’t follow the rigorous studying Chinese philosophy or the natural brilliant writing Irish talent. This is because before I went to school, I did acting and dancing, so I was exposed to a more aesthetic and social side of society. However, being in a competitive school has brought another reasonable value of life. I am thus very exposed to the relativity of perspectives. Though I am encouraged to be strong academically in order to have a bright future, I am also told to follow my passion, which truly lies in other areas like dancing, sports, and art. However, due to the way society seems to estrange
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