The Sociological Imagination And Use Essay

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1. Explain what it means to use the sociological imagination and use at least one example to make your point. • Wright Mills explains it as a vivid awareness of the relationship between your personal experience and the bigger society. so the way i would put it into my own words is knowing that the reason you do something isn’t the reason why another person does it. An example of this is going for a run. People can go on a run for many different reasons like to lose weight, to tone their body, for run, to be healthy and ect. 2. How would a conflict theorist explain the educational system in the United States? How would this differ from how a functionalist might see it? • A social conflict theorist might explain our educational system in the U.S. as competitive like we are all competing against each other to get the best paying job. This is different from the functionalist because they would see it as all of us working together to achieve a goal. 3. Discuss the main ideas of symbolic interactionism. • Society is the product of everyday interactions of the self. • Its micro-level • Its an ongoing process • People interact in many ways using this. 4. What is the difference between correlation and causation? Which is harder to prove and why? Use an example to explain your answer. • Correlation is usually when two things tend to happen together at the same time and causation is something happens because of something else. I think it is harder to prove causation because
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