The Sociological Imagination By C. Wright Mills

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Mills Chapter Summary “Yet Men do not usually define the troubles they endure in terms of historical change and institution contradiction.” Stated from chapter one of “The Classic Readings in Sociology” which was based on “The Sociology Imagination” by C. Wright Mills. As our Sociology 131 class study the works of C. Wright Mills, we learn and examine his views. We learn how he view other things such as marriage, war, and the limitations of men. His view of war is that both sides play a role to create the war so both societies have to hold part of of the blame. In the viewpoint of a civilian we find that we are unaware of the fact the government, one of our social institutions, has to agreed to go to war with another country.…show more content…
It can be based in multiple ceremonies and sustain the tradition of the Nuclear family and the responsibility of the Nuclear family holds which is to raise kids. Marriage can be what sociologist thinks of the world. Which is “things are not what they seem” in some situations. Meaning that you never know the real motives why some people get married. An example of this is families with domestic violence. Usually these families are the result of marriages that are created with motives but no love. They are made from the other motives that Mills had mentioned in his memoir. They increase the divorce rate because their is no solid foundation in the relationship. Berger also talked about the limitations of men and how men are scared to be aware of these said limitations. Men being aware of their limitations could benefit the human race because of the fact they can look for ways to not only push these limitations but also break them. By doing so we can prove what scientists have been saying which is the human race can evolve. Our limitations can be shown through our age and lifestyle choices. Our age limits us by how our bodies change to adjust to our age. Making so that some part of the human body break down or gets weaker. In doing this it makes some human limited on their actions. Our lifestyle choices limits us because of how much free will we are given. In giving us that free will we see how we as human create our own limits as well as our own mental blocks to keep us
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