The Sociological Imagination By C. Wright Mills

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According to C. Wright Mills, the sociological imagination is the concept that allows an individual to comprehend the bigger picture of their own lives and their role in society, as well as develop a better sense of others’ lives. Being able to do this allows that individual to have a better understanding of history and the society as a whole (Henslin, 2014, pp. 2-3). With this we have the ability to analyze society and deciphering a way to solve current important issues. “Mills referred to people’s experiences within a specific historical setting, which gives them their orientations to life” (Henslin, p. 3) .Basically Mills is saying that the effects of historical change are what determines an individual’s position or direction in their life. People frequently take the effects of historical change and social movements too lightly; they do not think about how the historical change and social change affects their well-being and assume that they have more control over the course of their lives than they actually do. The historical period in which we live when examining personal experience is important because it allows us to get where we are going in life. “History, with its inevitable selection of facts, the problems of interest and bias, the changing frameworks of interpretation, is in fact ‘one of the most theoretical of the human disciplines’” (Scott & Nilsen , 2012, p. 34). What I believe was meant by this is that , because history has a never ending assortment of factual
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