The Sociological Imagination : C. Wright Mills

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During the course of an individual 's life a person will experience what C. Wright Mills refers to as "the trap". The trap alludes to a person that can only see and understand their own small scope of life. Their frame of reference is limited to their day to day life and personal experiences that are directly related to them, they cannot see the bigger picture. They do not yet know that the sociological imagination can set them free from this trap and as C. Wright Mills said, "In many ways it is a terrible lesson; in many ways a magnificent one.". The sociological imagination is truly an incredible thing. Most people go through life indeed feeling trapped by the personal troubles that plague their lives and some never even consider that there are others in the exact same circumstances, that those people are a result of the issues of the larger world just as they are. The sociological imagination allows us to see beyond our limited scope. It enables us to see the connection between ourselves and our experiences, and the place in history in which we find ourselves. Our actions or decisions we make each day have the potential to impact others and many of us don 't consider this fact. With the sociological imagination we can relate our own personal life to what may be going on in the world around us. We can see how events can affect the world at large and also us individually. C. Wright Mills offers three groups of questions that he states must be asked by those who are
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