The Sociological Imagination On My Personal Experiences

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In this paper, I will use the sociological imagination to connect my personal experiences of growing up in a nuclear family to comparison of growing up in a divorced family. I’m from a nuclear family and my best friend is from a divorced family. “Some people still think the average American family consists of a husband who works in paid employment and a wife who looks after the home, living together with their children” according to Giddens, Anthony pg. 447. That’s not the case in many households. There are many differences, from values, financial issues, and how having one parent opposed to, two parents growing up. Growing up in a nuclear family household has given me the opportunity to have both parents supporting me and always being there, having both parents at special events, giving me the guidance from both perspectives man, and women, love, and financial aid. My best friends parents have been divorced for over 19 years, her living style is much different. She has to make certain days available to visit her father, and her mother has financial difficulties. My personal experience can relate to chapter 15: Families and Intimate Relationships. A nuclear family is a family group consisting of a wife, a husband, and dependent children. Growing up in a nuclear family has given me the ability to see how my parents make decisions equally. For example, if I ask for something, they both think about it and let me know their final decision almost as if they were a team. The
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