The Sociological Imagination and Understanding Personal Troubles as Social Issues

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The Sociological Imagination and understanding personal troubles as social issues: The Sociological Imagination allows us to question “things” or issues which are common and familiar to us and to find its deeper meaning. With the Sociological Imagination way of thinking, we find reasoning and uncover why many things in society are the way they are. The Sociological Imagination does not attempt to understand the individual and his or her problems alone, but focuses on issues and problems as it affects the greater society. In society, many factors called social structures, influences our behaviour, thinking patterns, reasoning and our logical approach too many challenges. According to Mills “In order to analyse the effects it is…show more content…
People who commit suicide do not really want to end their lives as many seek the attention and acceptance they so dearly want from society. Thinking along the lines of the Sociological Imagination we need to understand the social forces, or the lack thereof, that drives people to commit suicide. Emile Durkheim discovered that levels of integration into society played a big role with suicide.
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