The Sociological Theories: The Labeling Theory

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The sociological theories are the main contribution to understand social and political thinking, behavioral patterns, positive and negative contribution to the community, and how well individuals follow and respect the norms of society. The labeling theory creates some sort of easiness to stigmatize or stereotype an individual due to an action committed, established ideals, financial level, and ethnicity these factors explain the role of certain types of deviance that results from the individual who acts on them, and society’s reaction to them. Labeling is the mere outcome of socio economic suppression and the causes that drive an individual to label themselves as a certain name to whom society refers to permanently. For example, racial…show more content…
This theory basically connects to the outcomes that can lead to a delinquency path, such as unachieved goals that can later on lead to poverty, depression, and anger. Every individual has a common goal to obtain wealth, acknowledgement from society, power, and other types of achievements that can be noticed. When something goes in the wrong direction and all of a sudden all of their established expectations and future achievements fail, is when a dysfunctionality is created. Losing positive stimuli such as a family relative, friend, or love partner, due to death or a break up creates strain in an individual. In contrast having negative stimuli in an individual's life like physical and emotional abuse, violence, rape, neglect of attention from their family, and lack of support stir up negative emotions. The general strain theory asserts that according to the complexity of the situation that is occurring the strain that is derived from it according the severity of the issue is the amount of time that the strain will last. What is derived from the theory is that according to the individual many coping mechanisms result according to the way they want to handle their strain, some cope by dealing with their feelings and others by engaging in deviant behavior. Having constant strain in an individual's life can result hazardous and produce negative irreparable damage, “The person retreats by becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol or escaping through a mental disorder or suicide” (Clinard and Meier, 80). Connecting this theory to Pablo Escobar depicts the various stimuli that he had in his life such as economic stimuli, family, and demographic. The economic stimuli during his childhood was negative he did not have much and the absence of materialistic things and revenue created strain in his life and made him become
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