The Sociological Viewpoint Toward Social Problems Essay

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The sociological approach toward social problems differs from other approaches in that the sociological approach includes a focus on self-consciousness and building awareness that an individual’s interaction with society can oftentimes be influenced by forces outside of the single individual’s control or area of power. The author of one of our texts, Anna Leon-Guerrero, who is a Professor of Sociology at Pacific Lutheran University, writes that “Unlike any other discipline, sociology provides us with a form of self-consciousness, an awareness that our personal experiences are often caused by structural or social forces (Leon-Guerrero, 2010). Certain problems are considered significant, or more significant, than other problems due to a…show more content…
Society in general is currently addressing the social problem of teen pregnancy in several ways. One of the most important is an increase in parent’s willingness to not only bring the issue up and discuss it with their children, but also allowing educators to address the issue in schools. One can apply the concept of sociological imagination to the social problem of teen pregnancy. Almost everyone is affected, to some degree, by teen pregnancy. Whether you yourself were a pregnant teen, or one of your family members or friends, or one of their friends was; it is relatively easy to personalize at least one story of teen pregnancy and then use that example to help us address the issue as a society. What did the pregnant teen that you knew respond to? What help or assistance did she get? How did she treat her body during that pregnancy? What, if any, care could have been provided to her that was not? By using the idea of the sociological imagination we are able to take our own experiences with teen pregnancy and use them to illuminate the subject of teen pregnancy on a societal level. Applying the functional approach to teen pregnancy would lead us to focus on how the issue of teen pregnancy affects a single element of society and then in turn, how that affected element
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