The Sociology Imagination : An Awareness Between Personal Experience

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The Sociology Imagination is an awareness between personal experience, that is biography, and shared experience, that is social history. History is an interesting thing; I say it is a thing because in some ways it is as tangible as the paper on which this is written. History is our story. This story will present a story of many people including myself who face contradictions in their personal, religious and cultural beliefs and how those beliefs can be reconciled. Many Christian’s in particular young Christian’s who grow up with same-sex attractions, are constantly having a battle in their heads about who they really are (Macaulay, 2010, p. 7). Questions like, ‘is God real?’ ‘Does he love and accept me?’ I am also Maori, and that in itself brings its challenges, how is my culture reflected in my faith, and how is my faith reflected in my culture, and how is my faith and culture reflected in my life?

Sexuality is not often preached about from the pulpit on Sunday’s, and yet every single Church and religious organisation has a view on homosexuality and whether it is pleasing to God. The other day, I was asked what my view on homosexuality was, I said, “It is our job (the Church, and Christian’s) to love, and God’s is to judge.” Since this exchange, I have had a number of discussions with Christian’s on both sides of the debate, some Christian’s use the maxim love the sinner, hate the sin. Then when they are reminded of the verses that say “There is no greater love than for a

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