The Sociology Of A Commercial Airline Pilot Essay

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This assignment focuses on analyzing the sociology of a commercial airline pilot’s job and the working environment in this increasingly influential sector. An airline pilot carries great responsibility and their job comes with a magnitude of risks. It is both a physically and mentally demanding career choice that requires one to remain calm under pressure whilst operating in a different time zone and unpredictable weather conditions, as well as having to meet the health requirements such as perfect vision and coordination (to name a few). Commercial aviation is one of the world’s biggest sectors and so the magnitude of research is immense, however the aim of this research assignment is to focus on tensions and trends surrounding the occupation of commercial airline pilots; such as gender inequality and stereotypes, as women continue to face gender barriers due to the industry being dominated by males since the heyday of the aviation sector (Germain, M., Herzog, M., & Hamilton, P., 2012). Additionally the stresses surrounding the unconventional work environment, as airline employees tend to work on eight to fifteen hour shifts, however on occasion flight delays may require them to exceed the length of the shift (Tourigny, Vishwanath & Wang, 2010). This unpredictability in scheduling policies may contribute to an increased level of job as well as family-related stress, even burnouts in some cases, which impacts on the well being of employees. Finally the analysis concludes

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