The Socs And The Greasers

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In a story, there is usually a bad side of people, also known as villians and there are good people which are known as heros. Sometimes you aren’t really sure who is bad and who is good. In this book there really shouldn’t be an argument but there is. In the book the villains are the Socs and the hero's are the Greasers. There can be many reasons to prove that the Socs are more of a menace to society than the Greasers and here are some. The first reason of why the Socs are a more of a disgrace then the Greasers is because they are more violent than the Greasers. A second reason of why the Socs are more of a disgrace the the Greasers is because they think they are better than everybody else in the world, they are very arrogant which is not…show more content…
An example from the book is how in the beginning of the book the Socs had jumped Ponyboy. Ponyboy didn’t even do anything to infuriate the Socs or have a fight, the Socs just did it just because. The Socs and Greasers are rival gangs and the Socs just wanted to pick up a fight because that is what the Socs do. The Greasers later come in to help Ponyboy and scare the Socs off. This means that the Socs think that violence is fun when really it isn’t. The Socs are sort of picking on the Greasers just because they know they are better which bring me to my next point about the Socs which is…show more content…
They also get in fights and some of the Greasers jump people also. An example from the book is Dally. Dally is sort of a bad example of a good person from the Greasers in this book. Dally used to jump people and he has gotten into many fights and brawls before. Another example is Johnny. Little innocent Johnny had committed a huge crime which was killing someone. During the Greasers and Socs battles nobody has ever killed someone before but Johnny did for a good reason which was to save Ponyboy. This is still a major crime that someone should be punished for and Johnny later did in the worst way possible, death. Darry has also got into a few fights before like the one during the fight between Socs and Greasers but everybody did including Sodapop and Ponyboy. So not all the Greasers are perfect but could you really blame

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