The Soda Industry And Its Effect On Public Health

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As the breadth of our scientific knowledge and understanding continues to grow, the corporate world is faced with the challenge of responding to unfavorable results. For example, sodas were originally marketed to the public as health drinks, appropriate for the smallest baby. As a result of recent scientific research, the public has instead come to view the soda industry as one of the key players in the obesity epidemic facing western society. How has the industry responded when faced with increasing evidence that their product does the exact opposite of its original claims? To answer this question I have analyzed the evolution of ads marketing sodas, particularly Coca Cola. In addition, I’ve researched different marketing and health articles written about the soda industry and its affect on public health., and what the industry’s responses have been to the changing landscape. Through this research I’ve found conflicting results. While the soda industry has made an effort towards producing healthier products, they have also, in part, refused to take responsibility for the health effects of their sodas, constantly shifting the blame onto others. In order to properly combat obesity, it is necessary to see what the manufacturers of products proven to be harmful to our health are doing to combat this issue. Carbonated soft drinks were originally advertised as healthful, and their manufacturers made various claims that their beverages offered many health benefits. One such

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