The Sodexo Worker's Experiences

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This project, which was a combination of an observational study and consulting project, was completed to evaluate the Sodexo worker’s experiences. We observed the Sodexo workers throughout the day to further assess their behavior and experience at their job. However, most of our research was dependent on the survey that nine workers completed. First, we had to get approval and consult with the manager, who agreed to put out the survey as part of the weekly staff meeting, as long as names and responses remained anonymous and we spoke with her about the results after. The survey contained two different parts that we agreed would evaluate the satisfaction of the workers adequately. The first part had 12 multiple-choice questions that focused on the work environment and treatment of supervisors. The second part contained three written questions that allowed for suggestions for the Sodexo company. We essentially believed that this was an adequate way to evaluate the responses. After receiving responses from nine workers, five student workers and four full time, the concluding results were 43% of participants were dissatisfied with their employment, while 47% were satisfied. Although the percentage of satisfaction is higher than the other option, it was still close to being split in half. Other comments concerning poor communication among the managers/employees were voiced, as well as stealing within the company, which are both negative comments. In addition,

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