The Soft Drinks Industry During The Market Revolution

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During the Market Revolution in the U.S., drastic changes in the way of producing and selling goods have seen. The Market Revolution occurred in the 19th century, or also known as the “Era of Good Feeling.” Besides other development, the food and beverage industry also experienced a rapid increase in productivity. This paper is going to summarize the history of the soft drinks industry and how the mass production has negatively affected U.S. citizens’ lives. Nowadays, soft drinks have become a popular drink that some people prefer them to pure water as a daily beverage. The U.S. in particular consumes a huge amount of soft drinks each year. Soft drinks generally contained water, sweetener, and a flavor. Other terms also referring to soft drinks are soda, sugary beverage, and carbonated beverage. People can easily buy soda, from a luxury restaurant to a small vending machine. Soft drinks have a long history which emphasizes the evolution of business market revolution. Soft drinks were first introduced in the 17th century by a European. They were just lemon sweetened water without carbonate. It was not until the early 1800s that the term “soda water” was used as the manufacturer of imitated mineral water was patterned in the U.S. “Soda water” was consisted water and sodium bicarbonate. Then the “soda fountain” was developed with a variety of flavor such as ginger, vanilla, and roots. Soda was known as a beverage that has medical benefits and satisfying taste. The

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