The Software Product Line ( Spl ) Essay

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Abstract - One increasing trend in software development is the need to develop similar software products in bulk instead of just a single individual product. Software Product Line offers a solution to this challenging problem. Software product lines enable reusability driven by common requirements of the family of similar software systems. In this paper, we discuss the software product line (SPL) by providing a three dimensional evolution of a SPL, describe two approaches for SPL evolution: Kaizen and Feature Separation approach. Then we provide a comparative analysis between these two different approaches and also review the advantages and disadvantages of SPL from various perspectives.

Index Terms - Software Product Line, Core Asset, Software Evolution, Kaizen approach, Feature Separation approach
1. Introduction
A traditional software development process consists of two activities: development and maintenance. Any changes to the software after the product is released constitute maintenance. This may include removing the defects, adding new features or updating the existing features based on the customer feedback. But in the world of evolving technologies, this model doesn’t seem to fit for two main reasons: a) The Developers have to perform maintenance activities before the product is released in order to cope with the new technologies and changing customer requirements. b) Software reuse is not possible with the traditional development approach. In most of cases the

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