The Solar Of Solar Energy

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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Throughout history, mankind had always wonder the mysterious secrets of nature with an attempt to make a replica of its magnificent work. Solar photovoltaic energy is the process to convert sunlight into electrical power as energy; imitating the process of photosynthesis that plants create to survive.
Photovoltaic energy is not something recently discovered, it actually goes over 160 years The basic science was first discovered in 1839 but the pace of advancement really accelerated in three major thrusts in the 20th century 2 .From the beginning of history in 1839 the french physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel conducting an experiment that discovered the light-electricity conversion and Edward Weston who created the first solar cell in 1888 to Albert Einstein paper on the photoelectric effect that things started to begin experimenting with solar cells to create solar energy. It was until 1954 that the commercial solar age began where Bell laboratories created the first Si solar cell achieving 6% of efficiency 2 and primary satellites were the first ones to test those cells. To fully understand the principles of Photovoltaic Energy we first need to learn how is sunlight converted into electrical energy. Photovoltaic cells or (PV) cells or solar cells convert the sunlight directly into electricity (DC). When the sun makes direct contact with the PV cell, the PV cell’s semiconducting materials absorb the light energy and producing

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