The Solar Of Solar Energy

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Interest in solar energy has been growing in recent years. Solar energy is abundant, clean and renewable. There are two main methods to tap solar energy, i.e. with PV cells and with solar collectors. The former converts sun light directly to electricity while the latter collects the solar thermal energy (heat) to be used for various applications. Solar collectors have been in existent for many decades. Their usages are experiencing resurgence in the recent years due to the interest in renewable energy sources. Strongly increased number of solar heating plants have been built and are under construction throughout the world. The solar collectors used in the solar heating plants are flat plate solar collectors and often the volume flow rate through the collector field is varying. The integration of solar thermal systems into buildings to meet energy requirements of buildings (for domestic hot water, space heating, air-conditioning and lighting) is supported by many researchers in different parts of world. Many types of solar collectors are commercially available; they differ in design and performance and, of course, in price. They have to meet different demands in operation, configuration and meteorological conditions. Thermal applications are becoming focal point with increasing attention in the solar energy research area as it has high performance in energy storage density and conversion efficiencies. Solar energy collectors are particular kind of heat exchangers that

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