The Solar System: The Hubble Telescope

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Our solar system is elephantine and we have made discoveries that help us understand how colossal our solar system actually is,but in doing so we have also observed how Our entire universe is growing.
We have an immense solar system. The planets within the solar system aren't too close either. But in our solar system we have eight official planets according to NASA. So, to measure the distance of the planets we use astronomical unit or AU. Each astronomical unit is 15000000. That's about the average distance from earth to the sun,according to NASA.In nearly all models of the solar system the planets are close but in reality they are quite far away from each other. The distance from planets also depends on the time of orbit. The furthest planet in our solar system is Neptune, Neptune is 30 AU away from the sun. We can use telescopes to observe planets and stars,such as our sun and Neptune to learn more about our galaxies.
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This telescope was launched not only to help us observe planets and stars, but to take pictures from our solar system. The Hubble Telescope is named after Edwin Hubble an astronomer during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Edwin Hubble is from Missouri and moved and spent the majority of his time in Chicago. During his lifetime, he discovered more about the stars and how our universe expands. Hubble discovered that wavelengths of red shifts can be used to find the velocity of moving objects in space. Thus implying the stars and galaxies move away from each other, causing the universe to expand. We now call this law Hubble’s
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