The Soldier 's Return By Robert Burns

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Born in rural Ayrshire in 1759, Robert Burns grew up in a small home with his large family. By the age of twenty- seven, Burns had published his first form of writing. In the midst of his success, Burns was treated as a national celebrity in Scotland. All of his sudden fame was credited to him being the first poet known to stay true to his beliefs, whether he was expressing his principles through writing or living faithfully by them. One of the topics that Robert Burns enjoyed to comment on through his poems is the urge for independent liberties that came as a result from the fight for freedom (Crawford 6). Burns writes “The Soldier’s Return” in 1793, which portrays all of his thoughts towards the mistreatment of soldiers. The poem…show more content…
The speaker of Burns’ poem, a former soldier, implies that he has little money and possessions through his declaration of his maintaining of a “light purse”. He shares that he has worked arduously and would like someone to appreciate and help him. With these thoughts revealed, Burns begins to comment on the mistreatment of soldiers. Robert Burns is considered as an extremely nationalistic poet. He is extremely fond of highlighting points that society can improve upon. Many individuals see Burns as a man who devotes his time to bringing attention to the idealistic values of his people through their harsh realities. Robert Burns Poetry, an online article authored by Mary Ellen Brown, states the following, “Here as elsewhere in Burns’s work, freedom reigns” (Brown). Brown, an English professor at Indiana University, was directly referring to Burns’s poem, “The Soldier’s Return”. This poem emanates the issue of treatment towards soldiers in the 17th century. Burns’ ideology has transcended poems and leaked into the musical industry. “Didn’t I”, by Montgomery Gentry captures the same idea that Burns’s poem did, the underappreciation and mistreatment of soldiers after they have sacrificed so much for their country.
“Didn’t I” is a song that transmits the thoughts of soldiers to the
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