The Solid Power Of Discrimination

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The solid power of discrimination in modern Mexico stems from the construction of Mexican society during the Spanish colonization in the 1500’s. One of the most powerful weapons concealed by the European during the Conquest was hegemony. Hegemony is “a basic principle of social control, in which a ruling class dominates others ideologically, with a minimum of physical force, by making its dominance seem natural and inevitable” (Chasteen, 2001). Thus, by using hegemony, the Spaniard convinced the native peoples of America to accept their place below the Spaniards and forced them to see the conquerors as superior beings worthy of obedience. By establishing their superiority, the Spaniards were able to control and dominate the indigenous people, forcing the Spanish culture, religion, and language onto the population. As a result, indigenous people started to distance themselves from their roots and their own people, creating a damaging prejudice and bigotry that has been passed down through generations in Mexican families. Indigenous people turned against each other. They mixed with the Spaniards – creating new castes, dividing the people and providing them with power and social status based on the lightness of their skin. This feeling exists even today, white skinned people are seen as more honest and trustworthy, thus deserving privileges and power; while the darker skinned people are seen as a resemblance of the indigenous people indicating inferiority and implying a need to
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