The Solution For Gun Violence

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Fareed Zakaria: The solution to gun violence is clear Guns in the hands of prospective victims of violence can deter criminal attempts or disrupt crimes once they are attempted, thereby exerting a violence-reducing effect. Oddly enough, guns in the hands of aggressors also have certain violence-reducing effects, along with the more obvious violence-increasing effects. The power which weaponry confers has conventionally been treated as exclusively violence-enhancing - it has commonly been assumed that weapon possession and use serves only to increase the likelihood of the victim 's injury and death (e.g. Newton and Zimring 1969). Apparently, this is an unduly restrictive conceptualization of the significance of weaponry. A broader perspective starts with recognition of weaponry as a source of power, frequently used instrumentally to achieve goals by inducing compliance with the user 's demands. The ultimate goal behind an act of violence is not necessarily the victim 's death or injury, but rather may be money, sexual gratification, respect, attention, or the terrorizing, humiliation, or domination of the victim. Power can be, and usually is, wielded so as to obtain these things without inflicting physical injury. Threats, implied or overt, usually suffice and are often preferred to physical attack. According to Fareed “There is clear evidence that tightening laws even in highly individualistic countries with long traditions of gun ownership can reduce gun violence. In

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