The Solution For Pollution Mitigation

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL Every community in the world produces liquid wastes, solid wastes, and gaseous emissions. The liquid waste popularly referred to as wastewater is essentially the water supply of the community after it has been used in a variety of applications. The wastewater may be defined from the standpoint of source of generation as a combination of the liquid or water carried wastes removed from residences, institutions, commercial and industrial establishment together with such groundwater, surface water and storm water as may be present. In the olden times, the wastewater from a community is not so much contaminated as they are today. In these days dilution is one of the solutions for pollution mitigation. The urbanization, industrial growth, and improved standards of living, increase in R&D have increased the strength and quantity of wastewater in recent years to a point where dilution alone can no longer be relied upon to prevent the undesirable effects of pollution. In many cases, advanced treatment of wastewater became essential to prevent undue pollution. This is much more so, when the disposed wastewater is likely to contain industrial wastewaters. The rapid industrialization in recent years leads to the generation of wastewater with high concentrations of various constituents that are industry specific. The wastewater generated in an industry needs treatment before its appropriate disposal. 1.2 BACKGROUND OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT Prior to 1947, most
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