The Solution : Forgiveness And Forgiveness

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angie’s message how do you deal with a heart that’s ill, feeble, hurt, heavy, broken, riped, torn, isolated, crushed, decrepit, and depress? no one could or perchance would have been able to tolerate me except God. what an unpleasant state of mind and spirit. God’s plans is not to harm us, but to prosper us and give us hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29.11 niv) i could not continue living my life in this state of mind. an immediate change was vital or something drastic could have occurred. the solution was forgiveness and forgiveness is a medication of cleansness. as hard as it was, i had to forgive. forgiveness was harder with an individual because of death prior to establishing peace. it has been hard because i thougth i had forgiven, but over the years, i found myself continuously living in the effects of old hurt. conception begins in the womb, but after conception things happen. the womb is a very stimulating canal of the body, where life’s amazing entities transpire. God has housed His presence in the womb as He did in the Ark of Covenant (Luke 1), john the baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost in the womb (Luke 1.15), jacob and esau wrestled in the womb (Genesis 25.21-23), and jeremiah was ordained a prophet unto the nations in the womb (Jeremiah 1.5). my experience in the womb was not as pleasant. experiencing “word attack” in the womb, i cried. death words took affect, grew and lived in the reins of my heart. i was under the control of death words

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