The Solution Of Isolation Of Elderly People

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The Solution of isolation of elderly people Nowadays, the isolation of elderly people is becoming an undeniable worldwide fact in our societies, especially, in some countries with the fast development of economy background which like China and India. In these countries, both of them have high increasing rate of economy and they have high increasing rate of population of elderly people as well. As the matter of fact, the high increasing of economy is shaping a faster life style in these countries’ societies. However, in the meantime, the high population of elderly people does not urge them to have consideration for caring of elderly people. In these countries, people started to focus more on their careers, business and life quality rather than their family member, especially, the caring of elderly people. For the elderly people, they are becoming one of the biggest group that who are being ignored most in families. And because of lacking communication with family members and also with the growth of the senility, elderly people are living on the fringes and the solution for this problem is obvious: family members need to pay more attention on elderly people and spend time with them to help them to realize that they are not useless and they are always part of family. For my personal view that communication is the most important skill between us and our family members, because it not only can bring a lot information between us and our family members but also can give an
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