The Solution to Terrorism is Searching for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan

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The Solution to Terrorism is Searching for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan

Unfortunately in the past few months the United States has had to take safety precautions never seen before in America. Every public place has new rules and regulations of exactly what one can have. In entering somewhere such as Yankee Stadium, one can no longer have a backpack. One must also be patted down to check for weapons or bombs or whatever else one could possibly bring in that could cause the death count to rise in addition to the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks. Right now America is faced with a big challenge: to stop terrorism for good. Thus she has decided to fight the war on terrorism and logically the first part is in Afghanistan
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I propose we extend all of their visas. Then we can have them right where we want them. And once they blow up something, maybe weeks later we can find out who they are. Also, a plus to keeping them here is that they will just eventually kill themselves off in suicide missions. I suggest that we invite all terrorists to the United States. We already have so many that what’s a couple of more? The part our country is lacking in most now is training. It is a disgrace that we are only teaching them how to fly air planes into our own building, killing our own citizens. Why haven’t we formed a program to teach them how to make nuclear weapons and other bombs to aid in other attacks? I suppose the only other option is to deport all terrorists, however this is silly. I mean sure, it would save thousands of lives from future attacks, but then we would be politically incorrect. And how would we find all these terrorists? Osama Bin Laden’s group is all Muslims and we know their country of origin, but it is not fair to look for these people in the Muslim population in America. I say we start looking for these Muslim terrorists within the Asian population. We are honorable Americans standing up for our beliefs. We cannot abase ourselves to racial profiling. What’s the likelihood of finding Muslim terrorists in America in the Muslim population of America anyway? We are Americans. We do not want to be like those Israelis over in Asia. Just last week they destroyed one

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