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Across the globe family and friends are losing their loved ones to fatal texting and driving accidents. These days, many strive to be connected with the world and their friends by using mobile devices. The problem is that numerous people tend to do so at bad times. For example, while one is driving, it is common to look down at the cell phone to send a short text message that could put their lives in harm. Across the nation, numerous advertising and support groups are spreading the word to encourage society to put phones down and focus on driving instead of texting. However, it really hasn’t stopped. There needs to be a significant change and with the way technology is advancing, there is an immediate, attainable action that can be …show more content…
Cell phones are very helpful technological devices as long as they are not used as distractions in the car. Therefore, they should be used to drivers’ advantage.
How often does someone hear a person, especially a teenager, say that they lost their cell phone compared to his or hers car keys? Based off past experiences, car keys are lost more often than a cell phone. With technological advancement, the cell phone will become the new car key in order to prevent texting and driving. By having the cell phone become the car key, it will disable the phone so there is no texting, no calling and no surfing the web allowed while the car is in motion. However, one will still be able to make phone calls by talking into the car in a bluetooth fashion, without actually looking down at the cell phone. Some of the newer cars already have that feature, but once the cell phone car key is installed, that feature will be made available in every car. By disabling the texting, calling, and internet features, it will be nearly impossible to text and drive while the car is in motion, which will enforce the law in an effective manner. Since the phone is practically unavailable for use, the driver’s focus will be the road and only the road.
Now, how would this all work out? Well, cars being made from now on will have the new car starter installed in that vehicle, removing the standard key slot. Along with

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