The Solutions Of Chocolate Shortages

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Shunbao Wang
EIL 320

The Solutions of Chocolate Shortages in Asian

Indro : discuss problems

Chocolate is one of the most popular food products in the world, with a rapid increase in its demand. Especially in Asian counties where the population keeps going up and the economy has been much better than before, more people can afford it. However, the supply of cocoa has been a big problem caused by different factors. We should analyze the problems, causes and effects, and the solutions in order to produce a more and better quality of cocoa. Asian courtiers are one of the potential cocoa production places in the future according to Fay Fay Choo, Asia cocoa director at Mars, said” I think Asia is where growth is going to be for the next 10-20 years.” (Confectionery, 2015)

It’s important to analyze the problems which cause a shortage in cocoa. After giving a deep insight into these, the problems are much more serious, which should not be underestimated. By having a deep look into these problems and knowing the causes and effects, can help us to figure out the best solution. First, the world demand for chocolate keeps increasing; however, how to keep up the production quality to the demand is one of the major concerns. There are many articles in the news addressing this problem. Cocoa consumption, however, is growing rapidly and projections show global production falling behind demandThe international cocoa industry’s need for diversified cocoa sources and expanded…
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