The Somonyng of Everyman

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Everyman is a morality play revolving around life, death, good and bad deeds. Everyman, Death and God are the main characters used in the play, in order to bring out the plot of the story. The play uses allegorical characters in order to address Christian salvation, and ways of achieving salvation. The play argues that both good and evil deeds of a person will count, when God makes the final decision on death of a person. The perception and treatment of death plays a vital role in developing the plot of the story. The story provides Everyman's pilgrimage to the grave and the complete play is a reflection of what man must perform prior to death. The author perceives death as an eventuality that will befall all humankind. Man will be stripped off, his earthly possessions, and go to the grave with his good deeds only. A man must strengthen his good deeds while on earth and repent his sins before death comes for him, if he wants to go to heaven.
Thesis statement: Death is meant to make Everyman aware of morality need, in order to escape punishment of sins.
In the story, Death is embodied and treated as a close representative of God, which God sends to earth, to end humanity. Death visit to the earth is to cause the death of Everyman, who is the main character in the story (Knoell, 2002). According to the author, Death is inevitable, and every human being will have to face it someday (Bolton, 2011). God sends Death to notify Everyman that his time on earth has ended and he will
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