The Son From America Sparknotes

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In the short story “The Son from America” by Isaac Bashevis Singer, a man named Berl and his wife, Berlcha live in a small village with huts as homes. Samuel, their son, lives in America and is considered a millionaire in their village. Undeniably, there is a cultural conflict between Berl, Berlcha, and their son. This conflict arises from their inability to communicate, and see the importance of money in society, as well as understand one’s definition of happiness through riches.
Because Samuel has lost his ability to fluently speak and write in Yiddish, his parents have difficulty understanding him. Samuel writers letters home in a mixture of English and Yiddish which his parents are unable to comprehend. His inability to write letters in a
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Samuel said “Father this is a treasure!” when he saw the boot filled with money. Questioning Berl about the savings, Samuel seemed utterly shocked and in disbelief. He must have been confused because in such a poor village, people do not give the impression that they care much about wealth. Like a good titular son, Samuel came to give his parents and hometown only to realize, they already have it. The village did not need anything Samuel had to offer. Berl & Berlcha have everything they want but their son failed to recognize that because of the communication issues their long distance relationship brings. “The Son from America” reveals several conflicts between Samuel and his parents, Berl & Berlcha. They face more than just miscommunication; the family has cultural differences which result in the struggle to understand each others views on happiness and how people achieve it. After giving his parents a surprise visit, Samuel comes to realization that his parents well being does not revolve around materialistic values the way an average American lifestyle
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