The Song, All About That Bass

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In the summer of 2014, American pop artist Meghan Trainor released her debut single, “All About That Bass.” The song, which aims to empower women of all body types and promote “body positivity,” became an instant hit on Top 40 radio and music charts. While positive aspects of the song include calling out the media’s usage of Photoshop on women and attempting to reject the standards of a thin-centric society, the song and its music video have received criticism from feminists, specifically on their heteronormative and “skinny-shaming” elements. In this paper, I deconstruct the song and video by using intersectional feminist and queer approaches. I am particularly interested in how Trainor’s song “idealizes” and prioritizes certain bodies over others, and my analysis will focus on how the song’s themes represent common (cis)heteronormative, Eurocentric, and fat oppressive tropes that construct the “idealized” fat woman. Using “All About That Bass” as an entry point, I will analyze how “body positive” media perpetuates a “white feminist” ideology of who is included and targeted in their messages. For this analysis, I will look at three key themes embedded within the song’s lyrics and music video. First, I will discuss the song’s (cis)heteronormative basis for its “body positivity,” as well as how sexuality and fat politics are often paired. Next, I will analyze the function of the racialized body and what it means for Trainor, a white woman, to appropriate racial tropes for

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