The Song Analysis Of The Song 'Hotel California'

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The song “hotel California” The song “hotel California” was released by an artist known as Eagles in 1976. The genre of the song is classic rock. It was written by Glenn Frey and Don Felder with help of Don Henley. California is the setting of this song, even though it used to relate the entire America. This song is all about the exaggeration of the American culture and some specific girls in America. In addition, it touches the uneasy balance between commerce and art in America. "Hotel California" is a metaphor for the LA high-life and the cons and pros of living in the music industry. “Hotel California” tells the story of a man driving along a super highway. On his way, the man gets tired and decides to stop at a hotel which ends up being a pleasure palace with a sinister. While listening, a casual listener would tend to think how “lovely place” California might be. The listener might wish to crash California probably for a weekend, or order for a room service just to enjoy the lovely place, Hoskyns, B. (2006). . But when someone listens this song keenly, he or she might start wondering if the hotel is as good as Guantanamo or Palm Springs simply because it says, “you can check any time you like but you can never leave!” As a matter of fact this song has its dark side. The song “Hotel California” has got various lyrics. For instance, “warm smell of colitis” which is direct reference to a plant known as colitis. Colitis is one the common desert plants in America. In
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