The Song I Feel Excitement

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When listening to the song I feel excitement, it brings forth a sense of joy and of nostalgia from my youth. As a girl scout and a daughter of a firefighter I attended many parades and festivals. These were generally in small American towns during the summer so patriotic songs were prevalent. Upon listening to the words now I gather a sense of pride, of national strength and a almost uncontrollable urge to call to arms so to speak for the ideals I support. That’s a figurative call to arms but still a desire to act and not sit idly by doing little to farther the cause. Whatever the cause may be, in these times there are many. . The song is inspiring to say the least. The words when reading them without the music solidify the story Howe intended to express. Words like mighty swift sword bring to mind the archangel Michael and his battle against Satan in the book of Revelations. The parallels the South had with Satan cannot be missed.
The lyrics are the most intriguing aspect of the song. Julia Ward Howe penned them quickly and completely in just one sitting. That is impressive to be so creative. Written in the early dawn hours they detail the moral battle that was raging in the Unites States and it paints the abolitionist as a solider of God fighting to free the slaves of the south. It speaks of God’s wrath against the south and how he will crush the serpent with his heel. The lyrics are plain; Howe did not use loquacious or embellished words. She wanted the words to be…

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