The Song Of Solomon By Toni Morrison

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Discovering a Stolen Identity: Milkman’s Attempt to Find what was Stripped from his Enslaved Ancestors in Song of Solomon Identity, what makes a person unique, was one of the many things that were stolen from the Africans as they were enslaved in America. Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison exemplifies the struggle that this situation created for the black community, lasting for centuries to follow. Milkman is the son of the Dead family and the main character of the book. He demonstrates the struggle to find his identity and his roots because all of his ancestors faced oppression and were forced to believe they were not individuals, but rather one group of simple people who showed no diversity from one to the next. Song of Solomon takes place in the mid-twentieth century where blacks were still being ostracized in society, but Milkman is able to go on a metaphorical and literal journey to find out who his ancestors were and who he is. In Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, Milkman attempts to piece together a personal identity that was stripped from him and the African Americans as a result of their colonization into slavery. The journey into bondage for an African was one of pure loss, as they were stripped of everything that made them who they were. The triangle trade route allowed for mass amounts of Africans to be packed like sardines into a boat and be dragged across the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown land, with unknown people, and an unknown culture. Everything was unknown
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