The Song Of The Md Poem Essay

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Often, personal experiences are what influence a poet’s writing. Since the 1600s and up until World War One, poets have been heavily impacted by the glorification of war, as well as the catastrophic losses the world has suffered from. Poets such as Richard Lovelace and Lord Tennyson glorified the sacrifices soldiers made for their countries and honored them. While poets like Mary Borden and Wilfred Owen expressed their outrage towards war because they have witnessed the brutality and wickedness of it. In the two poetry collections, diction is the main factor in establishing the tone and theme of each poem.

The two poetry collections are set in different eras. For example, the first collection was set in the 1640s, a time known as the Victorian era. This era was also known as a time when war was not the only
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The poem refers to the trench warfare the soldiers occupied in. The tone of Borden’s poem was sarcastic and she helped establish that tone by using sarcastic diction, including “The pale yellow glistering,” “covers the hills like satin,” and “the thin elastic mud.” These lines support her sarcastic tone by almost making mud seem satisfying, and letting it appear alive to indicate the active role mud played in trench warfare. Another example of diction used in the poem is “He has set a new style in clothing; he has introduced the chic of mud.” In this line, Borden’s diction is ironic - as well as sarcastic - since mud is not chic, but rather putrid. The second poem in the collection was written by Wilfred Owen, one of the most known poets of World War I. The title of his poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” was inspired by the Roman poet, Horace’s Odes, whose poetry was taught in British schools, which Wilfred attended. The purpose of the poem is to share the cruel experience soldiers go through during the war. “Bent double, like old beggars under
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