The Song Of The Yami Analysis

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SONG OF THE ANCESTORS The Song is considered the absolute law of the Yami with no room for gray areas or interpretation and their myths, unlike in western culture where the word myth is understood as false, are considered as the only real truths and never to be questioned. It holds all the taboos, rituals, and social reasoning of the Yami, and the history of the family reciting until present time. This genealogy component of the song is why each family has their own version of creation in the Song. However, the Yami are also aware of the different variations of the events in their stories, and some narrators even acknowledge these differences within the telling of their own telling (themes cp 4). "The main purpose of the narrative is to reinforce the listeners' knowledge of their descent, which includes the territorial rights of their lineage and precise information on land, water, and pasture ownership...The correct succession of personal names as related to the names of settlements and fields is more important than what happened to the bearers of the names themselves“ (lim of nar sec cp6) Certain ancestral themes in the Song are heritage of the various villages, but they can be shared by the Yami and storytellers may mix the themes freely.(thems, cp 4) The Song and Ecological Conservation In current days, in the face of governmental practices causing the destruction of Irala's landscape, soil nutrients, fishing population, and the slow deterioration of the
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