The Song Of Wandering Aengus Analysis

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People undertake missions for different purposes and it's impossible to know what drives them to do it. To undertake missions, you need to be willing to take risks and also have the courage to do it. For example, Aengus was determined to find his true love, Ernesto was trying to fit into the American culture, and Farah Ahmedi climbed a mountain with a prosthetic leg to seek a better life. These three characters were motivated by the thought of a better future. All three individuals shared the ability to have determination while undertaking missions to pursue their goals.

"The Song of Wandering Aengus", a poem written by William Butler Yeats is about Aengus, trying to find the "glimmering girl", whom he met by chance in the hazel woods while fishing. The "glimmering girl" called Aengus by and his name and then vanished through the brightening air. Aengus is in a pursuit of love and is determined to find his companionship and true love. Aengus searches through "hollow lands and hilly lands" but he still doesn't find her (Yeats 18). The poem suggests that Aengus searches for the "glimmering girl" for a very long time because now he is "old with wandering", but he still has faith and determination (Yeats 13, 17). Aengus learned that finding true love may be a life long journey because he hasn't found the "glimmering girl" yet, but he isn't and won't give up.

Unlike Aengus, who was trying to find true love, Ernesto Galarza was trying to fit in with the American culture.
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