The Songs Of Songs And Chants

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Many children learn through songs and chants in the younger years. As you walk passed kindergarten classes you will hear the students singing their ABCs or songs about different colors and so on. Music is a great way to learn new facts and bits of information. My daughter who is now in third grade often still sing a song about how to spell purple that she learned in kindergarten and because she has sung it so often everyone in the family can now sing it from memory. Your voice is one of our greatest musical instruments we can utilize. Song and music are a huge teaching asset that need to be utilized and used more often. The song listed about would be a great activity to teach students how to learn how to add and subtract fraction (Misterksing, 2011). Kids tend to remember things that are put to a catchy tune. By teaching students this song about adding and subtracting fractions will help them remember how to do preform it. As the students start to master the song I will give them a cymbal or tambourine or other simple musical instrument to play with the song and express how they feel. By combining the two activities of learning how to add and subtract fractions with the song and instruments it teaches them music can also help you learn math or another subject.

Dance is another great way to teach children different concepts, in this case about the 19th century and that it was a time of incredible change for the United States. This dance is from the 19th century and…

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