The Sonnet Poetry By William Sidney

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From the public life of humanist while at court to now private. The Petrarchan sonnet poetry with lines with rhyme schemes made up of eight lines of octave and sestet of six lines. Petrarch poetry deals with the rejection of unrequited love. The Petrarchan sonnets, flows by respond to each other with sexual frustration due to rejection. Petrarch elaborates figures of speech to express his emotions. Phillip Sidney is a noble who uses poetry for personal use. Sidney uses personae to establish poetry can teach a human mind how to act. We are in a period where everything happens in one room. Sidney wants to show poetry is art and life. Sidney shows that by him writing poetry he is learning how to act. Sidney poetry writes against people that thought poetry was a waste of time and is defining poetry as the first source of dispelling ignorance of the mind.
Astrophil and Stella by Phillip Sidney refer to Sidney 's private life during court. Astrophil and Stella is a poem arrangement written from the point of view of a patrician in love with a Lady who is already married. The poem explores his despair over the unrequited love which we seen in Petrarch’s sonnet sequence. Sidney uses follows Petrarch’s form of rejection from of woman. The different is here, is that we can tell that Sidney has put himself in the sonnets. There is a real lady here that he really wants to be in love with. Sidney put himself in an uncontrollable mind of a teenage boy who is just falling in love for the

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