The Sons Of August By Nicholas Klein

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The Sons of August By: Nicholas Klein During the time period leading up to ww1, Germany was trying to become the ultimate power in Europe. Germany was seeking an alliance with England, but England was more focused on an alliance with France. With the death of King Edward the VII of England, royals from all of Europe come to attend his funeral. Included in the group was the new king of England, King George the V. Next to him is William the II of Germany. He is related to the British royal family because his mother had been an English princess. All are mourning his death except for William. William feels that now that Edward is gone, William can finally make Germany the strongest European nation and ruler of the entire world. The…show more content…
Although, conflicts such as the American Civil war and the Revolutionary war do interest me, my main interest lies within conflicts in the 20th century. I have watched many documentaries featuring first hand accounts of military personnel and their experience in combat. In school and out of school, the one war that comes up the most is WW2. I know about how Germany was the main problem in ww2 and also the persecution of Jews, gypsies, gays, and many other people. But I didn 't realize until after starting this project, that I had never learned a lot about ww1. This book not only taught me of some factors leading up to the war, but it also gave me an interest of ww1. One thing I learned was that William the II of Germany did not like Edward the VII of England because he had denied any alliances or treaties between Negland and Germany. Instead, Edward formed an alliance with France. I learned this on page two when William says that he is happy that Edward it dead. Not everything about this book was good in my opinion. Most books that I read are fictional/fantasy books. Therefore, this book wasn 't necessarily a walk in the park for me. I had a very difficult time following the story and what was actually happening. This was due to the fact that the book was very randomly organized and didn 't really follow the chronological order of events in history. For example, in the beginning it was talking about King Edwards the VII’s
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