The Sons of Guadalupe Essay

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|The Sons Of Guadalupe | | | |Chicano Studies 141a | | | |19/09/2012 | | | |José González | Chapter 1 “Don’t Eat the Bear” This chapter talks about the history of…show more content…
The Japanese were the biggest culture in Guadalupe but after they force them to the camps and took all that belonged to them that was over. A big number of Japanese people were not seen after WWII was over. On Sundays after Mass- every single Sunday, Latinos gathered on parks to play soccer and have carne asada something that is very traditional in Mexican families my family could be an example of that. These parks were built with the money taken from the Japanese which speaking of now a day’s use these complexes too and this is where the two cultures met. The Cardena Rising Sun Club- One of the cultures that suffered a lot of discrimination were the Filipinos they were discriminated just because of their traditions but, groups and business like Cardena Rising Sun Club, which organized gatherings and meetings to serve their purpose. Different groups of Filipinos started to form after them and this showed them that they did not have to be afraid of their culture. Authentic Spanish Food- But, Japanese and Filipinos were not the only cultures that were discriminated Mexicans also were discriminated impressing how much discrimination in such a little town where there is a lot of diversity. Mexicans were afraid of being discriminated and example would be the restaurant “La simpatia” which for years said it served authentic Spanish food and all the time it was Mexican food like pozole but they did not admit it to

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