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The Sopranos The media and specifically television portray Italian Americans as criminals or people of power in the illegal world. Television portrays their ethnicity on a stereotypical background that most people have come to know as truth. There is a show on cable called the Sopranos. This show is a depiction of the New Jersey mafia and how it handles it's day to day operations. The show's creators and writers have put together a wonderful exaggeration of how the New Jersey organized crime families live. I am a big fan of the show and enjoy watching how the characters portray real-life mobsters. The affects that this show has on people vary in many ways. Many people may believe that this is really how the mob operates. Others…show more content…
How does the general public feel about the Italian community? Do they think everyone is in the mob or a criminal? How does it make people feel about the state of New Jersey? The media has created a stereotypical wall about Italian Americans that will never be torn down. If we were to compare this show to reality, how many differences or similarities would we find? The truth is television is not meant to bring you reality, it is meant to bring fantasy as close as possible to reality. Everyone wants to be mesmerized by what they see, not be bored by seeing what they can see out their windows or in their day to day lives. Television is our escape from reality and because of that we want to be fooled. Yes there is a mob presence in New Jersey; do they operate the same way as on the television show? Of course not, they try to be as low key as possible. You can almost say that on the show they are portrayed as heroes, where in reality they are just criminals. By them being portrayed as heroes, people start to think that what they are doing isn't so wrong or feel that maybe I can get away with certain types of crime as well. Society starts to believe that what the criminals are doing isn't so bad. The similarities that do exist are that they are regular people with problems just like the rest of us. They have the same family problems and

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